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After setting up my first tropical aquarium, it didn't take long before I tried live plants. Unfortunately, all but one died...
I soon learn about fertilisation and CO2. I was scared off CO2 by the complexity and expense, and tried but failed to understand the 'Estimative Index'. I settled on a micronutrient mix, which meant some plants started to last longer before withering... I wasn't having much luck...
I then stumbled across aquascaping. I found it awe-inspiring. I went off to buy wood and rocks to start experimenting, these at least I couldn't kill! I tried to follow the 'rule of thirds' but couldn't make anything look right... I decided to try a simpler approach and finally I had something I could be proud of - the scape at the top of this page. However, getting to this point had taken years, and even then my plants were far from thriving.
In the years that followed, I tried liquid CO2, but just ended up with unhappy fish... I tried root tabs, they were OK... I upgraded my lights... that made a difference...
I eventually formulated the ScapeEasy principles which I still use today, and are designed to give maximum results with minimum effort.

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