e-Aquascaping advice

Here at ScapeEasy we're really passionate about two things... keeping it easy, and getting people aquascaping. So when Donna reached out to us to help her aquascape all her tanks as part of a massive reorganisation she was having, Matt gladly took on the challenge. Donna had a lot of fish and therefore a lot of tanks, so keeping things low maintenance was high on the agenda, as was ensuring a natural habitat for the various species she kept. Donna was also nervous of her plant growing abilities - the challenge was set!

The finished aquascape once laid out and planted.

Donna had boxes full of hardscape she had collected over the years but just felt like she didn't know how to put it to good use. Photographs were supplied of all of her spare hardscaping materials to kick things off -

Rocks first:

And now wood:

Donna also had various pieces of decor - caves, shrimp tubes, etc.
The first tank to be set up would be a Fluval Roma 125 for Tiger Barbs and Donna was keen to give them a cave structure in the tank as part of the aquascape to provide hiding places for these aggressive fish.

The process of aquascaping this first tank will be documented below live as it progresses. Further tanks will be added soon, so be sure to keep checking back here and in our articles page for details of future tanks!

We really hope you enjoyed following this story and hope that it might encourage you to give Easy Aquascaping a go too. If you haven't already read the ScapeEasy principles, click here for our guide to creating your very own Easy Aquascape. And if you would like some help with your own tank(s!) then please feel free to contact us at admin@scapeeasy.co.uk or submit any specific question you may have on our chat board. Happy 'scaping'!